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The Internet is a huge, scary place. If this were the 1500s, it would be the New World. A world of danger and adventure. A world of possibilities. Big possibilities. Every day you hear about another company that started small, just a couple of friends with an idea, that turned into a global phenomenon. Twitter, Facebook, even Google, all came from very small beginnings and went on to become household names the world over.

Tired of hearing those stories? How would you like to live one yourself? All it takes is one spark to start a fire. You have that spark, let throw a little gas on it and see if we can help you make a fire.

Through proper search engine optimization, can help you reach millions of people all over the world with the click of a button. We have the expertise and know how to work with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many other search engine’s page ranking systems to make sure that when someone is looking for a product or service in your industry, you are who they find. This is one big step from taking your spark and turning it into a roaring fire. Here’s what we’ll use for kindling:

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  • Keyword Management

    We keep track of the keywords you need and deploy them in a manner that ensures webcrawlers pay them proper heed.

  • Link Optimiziation

    We manage your link strategy to ensure that you get accurate credit for your solid links and don’t get lumped with the spam sites.

  • Algorithm Comprehension

    We know what makes the major search engines tick, and we deploy that knowledge to give your website a leg-up on the competition.

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Client Testimonials

" My father runs a landscaping business, and asked for my help in designing a website for it, where he could show off some of his better work, and people could submit requests for quotes and book appointments. Six months after going live, with very little traffic, he came to me again to see what I could do about getting more hits. After doing some research, learning about SEO, and looking at I gave him the details and he told me to go for it. Now I end up spending more time sorting out the quotes and his appointments than I do on my actual homework. One way of getting me into the family business I suppose. Still, was a huge help for my father’s business, and it can be for yours too. I very highly recommend it. "

Chris H., Student

Amazingly effective.

" I got into the wedding/event DJ business through a friend of mine, after he asked me to come along to help him out. I decided it was pretty fun, and seemed like a good way to make some extra cash on weekends, so I went about getting set up with all the necessary equipment, built a website, and waited for the bookings to roll in. Of course, they never did. Oh I got a few from my friend on weekends where he was already booked, but really nothing on my own. After looking at ways to reach more people, I hired to work on my website. The results weren’t immediate, but slowly the traffic started coming in, and with the positive testimonials from the events my friend had passed off on me right there for all to read, so did the bookings. Now I’m booked up more than he is, and pass off clients to him. "

Richard C., Disc Jockey

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